ESD Foam 2022-06-26
In the anti-static foam family, polyethylene is the main material, foaming agent and conductive carbon black are added, and the products produced by radiation cross-linking technology and other production processes are called black anti-static foam. The product structure, usage scenarios, features, specifications, performance indicators, etc. are introduced as follows:
The molecular structure of black anti-static foam is arranged in a closed-cell mesh. Due to the addition of conductive substances, it is not only soft and light, but also has a good processing and forming effect. It also has a permanent anti-static effect, regardless of the surface resistance or volume resistance of the foam. , are stable between 10^5_10^9, and gradually become an important material in the packaging and turnover process of LCD screens, electronic products and precision instruments.
Usage scenario (application)
When the usage scenario requires: dustproof, waterproof, moisture-proof, shock-proof, anti-static, anti-static foam will become the best choice;
1. Efficient sealing
2. Outstanding impact resistance
3. Permanent anti-static property
Specification size (size)
1. Thickness, from 0.5 - 5mm, the thickness of lamination can reach 200mm
2. Width: below 3mm, the maximum width can be 1100mm; above 3mm, the maximum width can be 1500mm
3. Length: below 10mm, it can be shipped in coil or sheet, and the length is according to customer requirements;
4. Sheets over 10mm are shipped, and the length is based on customer requirements, and the longest is not more than 2000mm
Performance indicators (Properties)
Performance indicators generally include: compressive strength, compression set rate, tear strength, elongation at break, etc. Products with different densities and thicknesses have different performance indicators.
But no matter what the density and thickness, its permanent anti-static properties are the same, between 10^5_10^9 ohms.
Prodotti caldi
piastra cava esd Piastra cava in lamiera ondulata polipropilene esd 2-10mm
Materiale: PP Dimensioni: personalizzabile. Tipo ESD: 10e6-10e9 Tipo conduttivo: 10e3-10e6
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